Get reliable & responsible cleaning with Unique Spray Dryer based Zero Discharge systems from SAKA.


Efficient handling of effluents is one of the biggest challenge when it comes process industry. It becomes even more important with respect to environmental impacts and statutory norms. With increasing awareness about environment, Need of Zero Liquid Discharge Plants (ZLD) has increased phenomenally.

SAKA is known for its advance and innovative solutions

when it comes Dryers, Congealers and Granulation plants. SAKA make ZLD is based on Spray drying technology and eliminates the need of Evaporator which reduces the capex by almost 50%. We have successfully installed many plants in Maharashtra and Gujarat which are performing flawlessly for last couple of years.

We have made many advancements in the ZLD to ensure maximum utilization of the heat and minimum wastage. Most of the times, furnace oil, liquid oil or gas is used for generation of heat. At SAKA we have used fuel like biomass or coal which is extremely cheap as compared to liquid fuels.


  • Less investment as the need evaporator is eliminated
  • Ability to remove reusable chemicals like carbon. sodium sulfate etc
  • Fully automated system which does not require highly skilled manpower


  • Tested for performance by advanced CFD analysis technique
  • Can handle highly critical material, explosion proof design
  • Ideal for continuous and batch type operation

SAKA employs highly advanced methodology of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, to deliver guaranteed results for your Business, Process reliability and system performance. CFD simulation helps to foresee performance before actual execution of the systems, without actual installation of the system. It also helps understand the most vital parameters for improving performance.


Effluent handling is always very challenging. It contains hazardous chemicals and various salts and presence and percentage of these is very uncertain. ZLD from SAKA is most suited for these type of inputs. Many times these Effluents are so concentrated and strong that metal is not able to withstand it. For such processes we provide exotic lining material such as ceramic which can withstand the reactive effluents.

Energy Efficient

SAKA has total control over the energy efficiency. Highest amount of energy is lost from spray exhaust, we have ensured that our system pulls such gases before taking them to the ZLD. Pre-heating of Liquid Effluent also adds to energy saving. Many time effluent contains low boiler solvents, which are used in heat recovery process. These low boiler solvents are mixed in exhaust gas causing them to boil and evaporate. These evaporated gases are exhausted in the heater there by further reducing the heat requirements.

Few effluent require incineration process, While many ZLD’s include separate Incinerator even when it is not required. Our ZLD takes such chemicals to the spray dryer to remove the liquid from such feeds thus making them solid it is very easy and cheap to incinerate these material. Only incases of special and very critical applications a separate incinerator is used.

Advanced Incineration with Torrefaction

SAKA has one of the highly advanced incinerator. Where instead of burning the effluent, they under go torrefaction process where temperature of the material is increased without using oxygen and many elements like carbon, sodium sulfate etc are recovered from the effluent. These recovered element can be used for processing and have a salable value in the process industry.

Pollution Control Norms

With SAKA highly advanced ZLD, we have able to keep this emission well within pollution control norms. For norms like SOX, NOX where acceptable limit is 100 units we have been successful to keep it as low as 2.5 units.


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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients | Oil & Gas | Power

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