SAKA’s Thermic Fluid Heaters are ideal in cases where indirect heating is required with temperature ranging from 30° C to very high temperatures.


Thermic Fluid Heaters can supply heat from 30° C to very high temperature. These indirect heating solution are better option for steam boiler as it can provide very high temperature heat without obtaining high pressure.

SAKA make Thermic Fluid Heater are highly regarding for its performance and safety. These fully automatic systems have rapid start-up and shut-down time with lowest level of heat loss. A separate pollution control equipment is provided to ensure lesser emission. An optional heat recovery unit can be provided to recover maximum possible waste heat from flue gases & increase the overall efficiency of the heater.

Tested for its performance using advanced CFD analysis technique SAKA offers a solution which one of the most advanced and is proven for it’s performance.


  • Fully automatic and easy to use solution
  • Compact design which requires lesser space
  • Comes in vertical as well as horizontal design
  • Tested for performance on advanced CFD analysis technique


  • Greater Safety levels as compared to boilers
  • Higher temperature with lower heat pressure
  • Manufactured from exquisite quality of raw materials
  • Very low maintenance cost

SAKA employs highly advanced methodology of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, to deliver guaranteed results for your Business, Process reliability and system performance. CFD simulation helps to foresee performance before actual execution of the systems, without actual installation of the system. It also helps understand the most vital parameters for improving performance.


Complete Combustion Of Fuel, Guaranteed!

SAKA’s Thermic Fluid Heater are oil based heaters. It ensures that maximum of its heating surface is exposed to radiant heat thus ensuring excellent thermal efficiency. Long furnace, high convective heating area ensures longer life of the heater.

Ideal for industries like chemical, rubber, edible oil, textile etc. where hot thermic fluid with high temperature is required. Here heating is of indirect type in which a liquid heat transfer medium is heated and circulated to one or more passes within the closed loop system. Thermal oil, glycerol, and water are common heat transfer mediums.


Economical and Efficient Heat transfer

SAKA offers comprehensive range of Steam heaters like Directly fired or Indirectly fired, which are widely used for providing warm air for dryer, ovens, spray dryers and other applications. Our fully automatic Steam Heater offers many advanced features as compared to traditional heat exchanger.

offering excellent efficiency when it comes to noise, water hammer, vibrations, and scaling, Our heaters are known for high thermal efficiency and proper insulation. Unique expansion type arrangement ensures longer service life.


Transferring High Efficiency Heat

SAKA manufactures complete range of Electric Heaters, widely used in all the industries due its high level of flexibility our heaters are highly regarded for their performance.

Also known as Flanged Electric Heaters, these heater comes with hairpin bent tubular elements welded onto the flanges. These tubular elements are controlled by centralized circuit box and connected by wires. Air is passed through these element by FD blower to makes air warm for drying process.

Electric Heater are highly safe as it does not require internal burning, totally eliminating risks such as explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.


Chemicals | Food | Rubber | Edible oil | Textile

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