Get easy to operate and maintain Coolers/Congealer from SAKA. Our Coolers are manufactured with latest technology and superior material quality


Coolers are used for wide range of materials which required cooling process right from food to minerals. Industrial coolers or congealers add efficiency to material processing. At SAKA, we have the required knowledge and expertise to build a Cooler that is a right fit solution for your process.

Choose from our range of Spray, Rotary and Fluid bed Coolers for more effective cooling solution. SAKA’s Coolers are known for their highly accurate process parameters. Size, material Characteristics and Energy consumption play important role while choosing a cooling solution. With our unique CFD analysis we can help you decide which is right cooler to choose.

We also provide multi stage cooling systems, in-case single stage is not sufficient. A combination of spray and Fluid bed cooler with a pneumatic conveyor can be worked out to get desired output.

SAKA employs highly advanced methodology of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis, to deliver guaranteed results for your Business, Process reliability and system performance. CFD simulation helps to foresee performance before actual execution of the systems, without actual installation of the system. It also helps understand the most vital parameters for improving performance.



Spray Cooler

Rotary Cooler

Fluid Bed Cooler


efficient performance with ease of operation

Spray Cooler or Congealers are ideal solution for processing organic chemical, food and heat sensitive material. SAKA spray coolers are highly regarded for their efficient and effective processing. Manufactured with latest technology and exquisite quality raw materials our Coolers are extremely easy to operate and maintain.

Known for it’s capability to process very fine particles Spray Coolers from SAKA can process coarse particle products with mean particle size of 50-150 micron. In case specialised requirement a second stage of processing can also be provided with FBD or pneumatic conveying system.

Environmental norms are one of important factor when it comes to spray cooling,  SAKA’s expert team ensures that our coolers stay well within these norms.


long lasting and consistent performance

Rotary coolers from SAKA are known for their long lasting and consistent performance. SAKA has built a strong capability to design and develop customised Rotary Coolers as per specific requirement. Whether you require short or long residence times, chilled or ambient cooling air, carbon steel or specialty steels, we can design a Rotary Cooler for your application and analyze its performance well before manufacturing.

Rotary Coolers have heavy-duty drum construction. This makes it ideal for wide range of applications and large capacity processing for both drying and cooling procedures.

Typically, Rotary Coolers work on the principle of counter current air flow where chilled or ambient air comes first in contact with material at its highest temperature leading to efficiently cooling. Additionally, flights lift and cascade material through the drum, enhance the cooling process.


100% moisture removal from the feed

Fluid Bed Cooler from SAKA offers a series of advantages such as homogeneous mixing, lower fluidising velocity, lesser energy consumption etc. Fluid Bed Cooler uses ambient or cool air/gas to dry the feed. These type of coolers are ideal for removal of the last trace of moisture from the feed.

Fluid Bed Cooler is a modular type of cooling solution, Similar to Fluid Bed Dryer, Coolers also keep material in Fluidization state with the help of air or gas.  This leads to the entire surface area of the material to get exposed while it is suspended , increasing cooling efficiency.

Use of Cool air means drying without any degradation of the product, this making it ideal for heat sensitive materials. Fluid Bed Coolers can work effectively in continuous as well as batch type processing. Using Fluid Bed Cooler in close loop helps to increase solvent or gas recovery.


Chemicals | Food | Pharmaceuticals | Minerals
Fertilizers | Industrial Waste | Limestone

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